USER EXPERIENCE: Understanding User Research & Design

taught by Dorin Valentin

Course description


Hello and welcome to “USER EXPERIENCE: Understanding User Research & Design”

I put together this course because I know there are a lot of workers out there who’ve never done UX, but are curious about the profession.

In this course, we will look at the research process used to understand user actions, and we will discuss design principles as well.


  • people new to UX
  • people interested in UX basics
  • workers who need to apply UX process
  • students curious about UX
  • designers
  • developers
  • UX practitioners
  • web professionals
  • team leads
  • managers
Dorin  Valentin
Dorin Valentin
Online Technical Trainer

As part of my career, I’ve worked as a manager of two businesses, IT support administrator, web developer, computer technician, computer sales associate, director and project manager of several independent films. In terms of my educational background, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree (in Psychology and Computer Science). I am also an Associate (Information Technology) member of ASTTBC, where the Board recognized that my academics are at an Applied Science Technologist level. In addition, I have also studied Electronics Engineering Technology.

Course Curriculum

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Usability Testing
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Expert Research
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